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2021 End of Year Letter to Iscoe Law Firm Clients; Past, Present and Future

December 2021

Dear Friends,

As we approach the end-of-year holiday season it gently forces us to look back at what “good” we have experienced. As you know, we are committed to helping those individuals with serious injuries, and here at the Iscoe Law firm, we are also very proud of our pro-bono cases.

I want you to know that I am always fighting for the rights of Floridians after an accident or injury has impacted their life. I am an advocate for the injured and a fighter in the courtroom.

Nothing gives the Iscoe Law firm more pleasure than offering the extra-legal help necessary to our South Florida brothers and sisters, especially those on the lower socio-economic scale. For example, one of our current pro-bono cases involves a single female fighting harassment and defamation from the Home Owner’s Association’s President and neighbor.

The individual in question is using his power as President to unlawfully evict our client, a health caregiver to the elderly during this pandemic, no less, one of our community heroes. This is someone who was in a serious accident a year ago and fought her way back. The passion to fight for defenseless victims invigorates our team with the resolve to win for the “little guy”.

Another area where we were involved this year was raising awareness of the pitfalls around Florida’s ancient “no-fault” personal injury protection (PIP) system. As an attorney who has helped thousands of people injured in car wrecks and pedestrian accidents, in all 67 counties, it’s clear the principles underlying no-fault insurance do not work in 2021. Drivers in Florida DO NOT have sufficient coverage to pay for the physical and financial damages brought on by an accident.

We were thrilled to open our office locations in West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami in 2021. Our steady client growth in the South Florida market reinforces our confidence that our new office locations will help us extend our service offerings and allow us to further build our magnificent client network.

Lastly, as we close this chapter of 2021, remember, when your life is impacted by an injury, you deserve the opportunity to make it right again. We’ve got your best interest at heart from your initial phone call, text, or email to the end of your case and beyond. 

Fighting injustice was our primary concern during 2021 and the Iscoe Law Firm will continue undeterred in 2022. 


Gary T. Iscoe, Esq.

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