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$6.5 Million Dollars
Sexual Assault of a Minor

A minor was sexually assaulted at school. The victim was ignored by the school, police, and two (2) dozen law firms turned down the case. Gary T. Iscoe took on the case and was able to help the victim recover and begin their healing process.

$1.5 Million Dollars
Solo Motorcycle Accident/Product Liability

A metal casting defect occurred in the manufacturing process causing the metal wheel spoke to disintegrate under the rider. By hiring a world renowned expert in Metallurgic Studies, we were able to prove that air bubbles were trapped in the wheel spokes and ensured a settlement for the client for their injuries caused by a defectively manufactured product.

$1.3 Million Dollars
ATV Crash

A young unlicensed driver was injured driving an ATV that was negligently entrusted by the owner’s underage child.  Many attorneys unfortunately turned down this serious injury case, and Gary T. Iscoe was able to find layers of Insurance Coverage that ended in a life changing compensation for the young victim.

Confidential 7+ Figure Settlement 
Car vs SUV Accident Resulting in Death

Gary T. Iscoe worked closely with the Plaintiff expert Computer Forensic to download the defendant’s phone information. This led to obtaining the right evidence in the case to win a large settlement for the deceased’s family.

Motorcycle Accident/Wrongful Death

The motorcyclist happened to be traveling on a road that was recently closed for construction, and reopened. The lanes of traffic where changed, the lighting was changed, the position of the curbs were changed, and the sidewalk and street were of the same colored brick paver pattern, that made the street blend in with the sidewalk. The young motorcyclist was on a ventilator for months and never regained consciousness and the settlement went to the victims widow and young child.

$ 100,000 Dollars
Hit and Run Collision

The driver was struck in a hit and run accident on I-95 in South Florida. After the vehicle of the driver was taken to a repair shop, the car was deemed a total loss. While at first, the driver who was struck didn’t believe they had any injuries. They later started having severe migraines from an undiagnosed condition that was aggravated by the car accident. After completing extensive medical care for the injuries the drivers’ insurer refused to pay the policy limits on the totaled vehicle. A civil remedies notice of insurance violations for failure to negotiate in good faith with the Department of Insurance and a lawsuit was filed against the insurer. The insurance company corrected the original adjusters’ mistakes and the policy limits of the uninsured motorist coverage were paid to the driver. 


Motorcycle Accident Resulting in Loss of Leg

A new client came into the office to discuss a current accident case, but John Doe was involved in a motorcycle accident 3 and ½ years earlier where he had lost his leg and was found at fault. The driver that struck Mr. Doe said that Mr. Doe had run a red light, but after careful review of the statement given by the driver, Attorney Gary T. Iscoe hired an accident reconstruction and proved that the driver of the car was at fault using his own statement. John Doe was able to recover a substantial amount for his injuries and resume many activities that he hadn’t been able to pursue since his amputation.

Cruise Ship Injuries

After being turned down by another law firm after they stated there was no way that they could find fault, Gary T. Iscoe was able to find fault from the cruise ship and obtain a recovery for spinal injuries the client suffered as a result of the cruise ship line.

$250,000 Dollars
Struck by Car

A marathon runner was hit by a car and had previously gone to the Iscoe Law Firm for help when she was struck. The client was able to recover from her injuries. Unfortunately, our client had been struck by another car and ended up needing surgery for her injuries after a course of therapy and injections failed. After the procedure, Gary T. Iscoe was able to get the insurance company to pay policy limits to our client.

Facial Scarring of Minor

 A teenager suffered facial scarring due to the negligence of a local business establishment. A family member in law advised the family that they most likely did not have a case. A different law firm also said that the case was not worth pursuing. The family was referred to Gary T. Iscoe who even though the claim was initially denied, was able to file a lawsuit against the negligent company and the insurance company realized that the defendant was more negligent than the adjuster had initially stated. Gary was able to receive a swift settlement for the injured teen to be able to recover from his injuries.

Jane Doe vs Big Box Store

Our client was injured due to the negligence of the store leaving a transitory substance on the floor which our client suffered a fall as a result of the substance being left on the floor. After the accident, the security guard and others working there said that they had informed management of the substance on the floor and that it needed to be cleaned up. Gary T. Iscoe filed a true bill of discovery to get more information about who is responsible and that they may have a suit depending on the evidence discovered. We were able to settle for our client quickly and without having to go to court with the defendant.

$1.3  Million Dollars
Uninsured Motorist Hit & Run Car Accident

Our client was injured in a hit and run accident when a vehicle ran him into the walled barrier on I-95. The negligent driver who caused the accident did not stay at the scene, but the injured driver was covered under the uninsured motorist coverage from his wife’s business policy on their vehicle. The client needed a 3 level cervical fusion with instrumentation and the insurance initially denied the claim. Gary Iscoe then filed a lawsuit against the insurance company which led to the insurer paying out policy limits on the uninsured motorist policy allowing the injured driver to pay medical bills and help him to lead a more normal life after the injuries sustained. 

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