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Each year injured workers file millions of workers’ compensation claims in an attempt to receive compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and mental anguish. Some victims are lucky enough to complete the process with little conflict; others aren’t as fortunate.

Numerous employers and their insurance carriers try to circumvent their responsibility for injuries that occur within the workplace.  Their attempts to avoid paying injured employees the compensation they deserve often make partnering with a Florida workplace accident lawyer imperative.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a workplace accident, don’t wait to contact an experienced workplace accident lawyer at the Iscoe Law Firm for help.

Protecting Your Rights After a Workplace Accident

After sustaining an injury in a workplace accident, there are three critical steps you should take to protect your rights. Not taking these steps can negatively impact your workers’ compensation claim or any potential personal injury claims you might have. 

Get Medical Attention

Don’t put off getting medical attention. If you are injured at work, see a doctor as soon as possible. If it’s an emergency, go to the emergency room. Even if you don’t know if you can afford to go, go anyway. Your employer must pay for your emergency medical care, even if it’s not a doctor in their network or on their approved list. Seeking medical care will protect your legal rights and ensure the best physical outcome after your injuries.

Report the Accident to Your Employer

Under Florida worker’s compensation laws, you have 30 days to report your accident after it occurs. Likewise, if you receive a diagnosis from a physician of a work-related injury, you have 30 days from receiving your diagnosis to report it to your employer. If you don’t adhere to these deadlines, you could be denied your right to receive workers’ compensation benefits. 

Contact a Florida Workplace Accident Attorney

Last but certainly not least, contact a skilled Florida workplace accident lawyer after being in a workplace accident. Your lawyer can help ensure that you adhere to all required deadlines and ensure the best outcome possible in your claim. Injured employees who are represented by a Florida workplace accident attorney typically have a more favorable outcome than those who aren’t. The sooner you have one on your side, the more protected your rights will be. 

Your Rights After a Workplace Accident

After suffering an injury due to a workplace accident, you have several rights that a Florida workplace accident lawyer can help you secure. These include the right to:

  • File a claim for your injury 
  • See a physician and seek medical treatment
  • Return to your job if you are released to return to work by your doctor
  • Receive disability compensation if you are unable to return to work permanently or temporarily because of your injury
  • Appeal that decision if you disagree with any decision by your employer, the employer’s insurance company, or the workers’ comp court
  • Be represented by a Florida workplace accident attorney throughout the workers’ compensation process
  • To say no and refuse requests or offers under certain circumstances—for example, if you are injured, and your employer asks you to use your own health insurance to cover your medical expenses, or if your boss offers an incentive to try to convince you not to file a workers compensation claim, you have the right to say no

Florida workers’ compensation laws allow you to pursue a claim without fear of retaliation or harassment from your employer. Employers who make this task difficult on employees can have strict and severe penalties imposed upon them under the law. You should know that it’s illegal for your boss, supervisor, or human resources department to harass you or otherwise make it hard for you to perform job duties if your workers’ compensation claim is the reason for their behavior.

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