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Today’s medical devices have entirely revolutionized the healthcare industry. They’ve saved and made countless lives more manageable and less painful. However, when these devices inflict injury to the patients that were supposed to benefit from having them, their manufacturers should be held accountable for the damages that result. 

If you or a loved one suffered harm due to a faulty medical device, seek the services of a qualified Palm Beach County unsafe medical device lawyer from the Iscoe Law Firm today. Examples of these defective medical devices include implants, defibrillators or pacemakers, stents, as well as contraceptive devices. After seeing firsthand how defective medical products can severely or even fatally injure innocent patients, our firm is dedicated to pursuing the justice and full compensation you deserve.

Common Unsafe Medical Devices

Doctors and nurses are often left scrambling when a medical device doesn’t function correctly or causes harm while functioning. Unfortunately, the results can sometimes be catastrophic or even fatal. Manufacturers of medical devices must ensure via testing and quality control that what they make is safe. Otherwise, they put countless patients in danger and could be held liable in civil court.

Some often faulty or defective medical devices include:

  • Sutures
  • Incubators
  • Crutches, walking frames, and canes
  • Implants, such as artificial hips, knee joints, and spine discs
  • Pacemakers and automatic external defibrillators, and other resuscitation equipment
  • Pain patches, infusion pumps, and blood glucose monitoring strips
  • Breast implants, IUD’s, surgical meshes, and catheters
  • Renal replacement systems
  • Hernia repair systems
  • Imaging and surgical devices
  • Bone grafts, dental implants, and surgical eye devices

Types of Medical Device Defects

Medical device defects can happen at any point between when the product is designed, manufactured, or marketed and distributed. As such, medical device defects fall into three main categories: design, manufacture, and marketing. Determining which category an injury claim falls under is essential as it determines who is liable for the resulting injuries and damages. An experienced Palm Beach County unsafe medical device attorney will be able to assess the case and ascertain which party could be liable—even if it’s multiple parties.

Defectively Designed Medical Devices

Even if a medical device is manufactured to the specifications of its design, the design itself can be faulty. An unreasonably dangerous design is responsible for many defective and harmful medical devices. Although the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has stringent regulations and guidelines when it comes to medical devices, there’s often not a quick way of knowing something is wrong with the design until the device has already caused severe injuries. If this happens to you or someone you love, please know that our Palm Beach County unsafe medical device lawyers can draft a compelling case to validate your claim and ensure that you obtain total compensation for your injuries.

Defectively Manufactured Medical Devices

Just because a device’s design is infallible doesn’t mean the manufacturing process will be. Before these medical devices reach the market, they go through a manufacturing chain where errors can happen at any time. The device’s damage or defect might have occurred at the manufacturing facility, during the shipping process, or even while on the shelves of local pharmacists, hospitals, or health care providers. No matter where the manufacturing defect occurred, we have the knowledge and resources to conduct a thorough investigation to determine the liable party and hold them accountable for the damages you’ve suffered.

Defectively Marketed Medical Devices

You may think marketing is foul-proof insofar as advertising a device and getting it into the hands of the medical providers and patients who need it. However, medical devices should be marketed with proper recommendations, adequate warnings, and explicit instruction regarding their use. Suppose the manufacturer, physician, hospital, sales representative, or other medical providers don’t provide the aforementioned requirements in marketing these medical devices. In that case, they could be liable for any injuries and damages that result. 

Unsafe Medical Device Liability

Medical device companies have a legal and ethical duty to make products that work as intended without causing harm. When these products fail or cause adverse reactions, the company– which often rushed through the design or production process – should be held responsible. In many cases, legal claims against medical device manufacturers are based on strict liability. This means that victims do not need to show that the manufacturer was negligent. They only need to show that the manufacturer’s actions caused harm.

That said, obtaining the compensation you deserve after injuries caused by a defective medical device can be an uphill battle. Even in the event that the manufacturer concedes liability, they will still try to settle your case for as little as possible. Fortunately, by retaining an experienced medical device defect lawyer in Palm Beach County, you can protect your rights and ensure that you obtain the compensation you deserve. Without an attorney, there is a good chance that you will be pressured or even tricked into accepting a settlement far below the actual value of your case.

Call a Palm Beach County Unsafe Medical Device Lawyer Today

Sadly, some medical device manufacturers fail to fully disclose the potential product risks to patients and their physicians to avoid cutting into sales and profits. In fact, it’s not uncommon for some approved medical devices to be recalled after they have already been implanted in thousands of patients. As a result, many patients suffer personal and catastrophic injuries every year, undergo multiple corrective surgeries, and even lose their lives.

Often, innocent people suffer injury through no fault of their own. When that’s the case, we at the Iscoe Law Firm don’t believe they should be stuck paying for those injuries. In fact, they should receive monetary recovery not just to pay for their injuries but also to compensate them for their pain and suffering as well as other subjective losses such as scarring and disfigurement, mental anguish, or loss of enjoyment of life. To meet with a seasoned Palm Beach County unsafe medical device attorney for free, call us at 800 800-6500. We are ready to take your call 24/7, 365 a year.

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