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Attorney Francisco Marty is a Cuban-American Floridian of immigrant parents who established his Law career in the diverse community of Miami-Dade County after Military service of 6 years and a successful career of 20 years in Miami Dade County Corrections, serving as an in-court officer in the Miami Dade Courthouse.

Francisco is a member of the Florida Bar having graduated Law School in 2003 from Nova Southeastern University. Since then, he has represented over a hundred federal healthcare cases. He has represented Federal Health Care Fraud cases, Federal Narcotics cases, Anti-Corruption Act Cases, Money Laundering and Violation of Trademark cases, and anti-trust cases in different jurisdictions throughout the United States. He is currently a Death Penalty Qualified attorney assigned cases by the Judicial Administrative Commission as a Death Phase attorney. He has filed Writs of Prohibition with the Florida Supreme Court, overseen self-extraditions from Spain and Colombia, and represented Defendant’s extradited from other foreign countries.

Francisco has led the representation of Clients seeking Presidential Pardons and along with Washington D. C. Firms, has filed petitions to the United States President seeking a Pardon for clients. He has emphasized the team approach to all his cases and this sets him apart from the common high-volume practices. Constant attention and care to our clients’ needs define his highly acclaimed practice.

Francisco believes that straightforward and honest advice is the key to ensure that a criminal defendant makes decisions based on facts and not emotions.

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